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Geographic Location
This natural area located in Loreto is part of the tropical rainforest, one of the most biologically rich places on the planet.

This Reserve takes its name from the Pacaya and Samiria rivers, wetlands and lakes forming calm waters reflecting images of the sky and the forest ... why he is known as "The land of rivers mirrors."

The Pacaya-Samiria is the largest nature reserve in Peru ... its waters are home to 250 species of fish.
The main objective is to conserve wildlife resources and scenic beauty characteristic of the tropical rainforest. The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve has a high biodiversity and an important human population takes advantage of its natural resources.

The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is habited by numerous communities, both native and traditional and relatively recent settlers. Its territory offers benefits to thousands of people in the area and in neighboring towns as well as the possibility of a first-class tourism for the Peruvian Amazon.

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