Friday, July 22, 2016

Confirmed Expeditions - August 2016

Traveling for yourself in Iquitos and the Peruvian Amazon?

If you are traveling alone you will find that most of the tour for a single traveler is expensive unless you join in a group.
In order to help you to get a program and take a group rate, below are our confirmed programs you may join.

On the other hand, if you have a different date, we are always available.
Just tell us your travel dates, how many people are you and the programs you are interested.

If you want to join or want a new program, just write us:


Pacaya-Samiria Adventure (5 days). Start: 3Aug. Finish: 7Aug.
- Pacaya-Samiria Crossing (15 days). Start: 8Aug. Finish: 15Aug.
- Pacaya-Samiria Express (3 days). Start: 15Aug. Finish: 17Aug.
- Pacaya-Samiria Express (3 days). Start: 28Aug. Finish: 30Aug.


- Pacaya-Samiria Express (3 days). Start: 13Aug. Finish: 15Aug.
- Anaconda Expedition (20 days). Start: Aprox. 26Aug. Finish: 14Sep.

More information:

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